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From the Upper School Principal
From the Upper School Principal

Dear Parents,

Last Thursday a wonderful Charity Concert was held in the Upper School Auditorium and I would like to thank all in the ISL community for their support of this event. The performers were outstanding, the hall was packed and more than one person commented to me that it was the best Charity Concert ever! So congratulations to Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Macdonald and their team of student organisers for all their hard work which paid off (literally), as €1660 was raised through ticket sales.

Click here for more pictures from the Charity Concert!

Please be reminded that the Upper School Trimester 3 reports will be released via INSIS on Friday 24th March and that the ‘3 Way Conferences’ (parent/teacher/student) will be held on Wednesday 5th April and Thursday 6th April. Francine Philips from the High School office will notify you once the reports have been released and will open the sign-up system for the 3 Way Conferences on Monday 27th March. She is your point of contact if you need assistance to access either system.

Kind regards,  

Mike Hitchman