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2/6/2020 - Lower School re-entry (Cohort 2) - End of School Year Schedule - Virtual Cooking Class - ISL Walking Group

Dear Parents, 

This morning there were plenty of smiles as students reconnected with classmates and their teachers. Once again, the Minions were there to welcome families as they made their way to the entrance of the building. The Lower School building is alive with the voices of children in the classroom and playground. Please take a moment to view a few highlights from this morning.

To ensure that each cohort has the opportunity to say their goodbyes to friends and teachers, please note the revised schedule for the week of 22 to 26 June.  

  • Monday, 22 June - Cohort 2
  • Tuesday, 23 June - HOLIDAY, no classes
  • Wednesday, 24 June - Cohort 1
  • Thursday, 25 June - Cohort 2
  • Friday, 26 June - Cohort 1, 12 noon dismissal 

Todays’ virtual cooking class with Elisabeth Thomine was a huge success and parents who participated were greatly appreciative.  A very special thank you to Elizabeth who took the time to teach and share her passion. Please check out Elisabeth’s website or follow her on Facebook

Elizabeth Thomine

With lovely weather and beautiful walks, the ISL Walking Group will re-start next Friday, 5 June. For the remainder of this term, there will be a walk every Friday morning. Obviously the group will be following social distancing guidelines, ensuring that everyone leaves enough space between each other and of course always wearing masks.

The meeting place on Friday 5th June will be at 9.15 am at the GelleFra/Golden Lady in the Place de la Constitution in town.

From there, the group will walk under the bridge and along the top level of the Petrusse Valley, down to the Grund, and along the river to Clausen and then up the glass elevator into town. Afterwards, depending on numbers, everyone might be able to get some tables for coffee in town or maybe get some takeaway coffees/refreshments to have in the park. We really hope to see everyone back and also welcome new walkers. If you would like to join or would like any further information, please contact helenmulesg@gmail.com.

Wishing you a lovely evening. 

ISL Crisis Team 






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