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24/6/2020 - Last daily update (2019-2020) - Start of the School Year 2020-2021


Dear Parents,

Since the start of the pandemic, the objective of the school was to provide daily updates to the ISL community. After five months of regular updates, this will be the last for the 2019- 2020 school year. This communication acted like a bridge to engagement between the school and the parent community. Tomorrow, the myISL newsletter will be sent directly to parents’ emails.

As Friday is the last day of school, no daily update will be provided. Please note the following useful links located on myISL: 

You might have read that the Luxembourgish schools will end the alternating classes effective 29 June. By then, ISL will be already in holidays, but again it encourages ISL even more in its plan to start the school year 2020 -2021 on Plan A - Face-to-Face Learning Model, i.e. full classes from Preschool to Grade 12.  In other areas of Europe, Covid-19 developments are more worrying and therefore, we always have to keep in mind that we might need to switch to either Plan B - Connected Virtual Learning or Plan C - Virtual Learning at any time if the public health situation worsens. You will find more information in tomorrow’s newsletter. 

The expertise and experience of the ISL staff are acknowledged and recognized by other international schools. Recently, Eduro Learning featured both Tanya Irene and Stéphane Vermeulin, Lower School Digital Learning Coaches, who  shared their knowledge and experiences. Tessa Charnaud, ISL's  Academic Leader of the Sciences & Upper School Science and TOK Teacher, will be a featured speaker in the Global Back to School Summit Virtual Conference. 

Thank you for your support these past months. 

Best regards,

The ISL Crisis Team


Virtual Back to School Summit



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