22/6/2020 - Last Week of School - Report Cards - Yearbook

Dear Parents,

This is our last week of school, one in which we welcome both cohorts. On Wednesday and Friday, cohort 1 is in school, with cohort 2 having their last day on Thursday.  This will give us a chance to offer some form of closure to the year. Grade 5 will have their Moving-Up Ceremony on Thursday and Friday while there are assemblies across the Upper School all week. These are internal events only. 

Earlier today, you should have received a direct mail from the school regarding a serious incident that took place on the campus this morning.  Please contact hsoffice@islux.lu  or lsoffice@islux.lu if you did not receive this note. 

Report cards will be uploaded to INSIS Family by the end of the week, 26 June, not before. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing this information. The office coordinators will be here to help you.  

A team of students from both the Middle and High School and Grade 11 IB editors under the supervision of Kirsten Tichell have successfully produced the 2019 - 2020 yearbook. The aim of the yearbook is to highlight and document the school year in a creative and unified way. Each student received a copy as a memory of the years’ learning and celebrations.  

All the best and enjoy our host country’s National Holiday.

ISL Crisis Team



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