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19/6/2020 - Start of School Year 2020/21


Dear Parents,

The end of the school year 2019/20 is approaching fast and the challenge of planning for the school year 2020/21 is to re-establish a school as normal as possible under the ongoing influence of the pandemic.

The latest development of the infection rates, recent Covid-19 research on children and the Luxembourg Exit strategy including the mass testing encourages ISL to start the school year 2020/21 on Plan A - Face-to-Face Learning Model. Depending on the acceptance by the Ministry of Education, we plan to return to normal full classes with a regular schedule 8:25 - 15:30 and afternoon extra-curricular offerings as usual. Nevertheless, we always keep in mind that we need to switch to either Plan B - Rotating classes or Plan C - Virtual Learning at any time if the public health situation worsens.

We realised that every policy, protocol, and practice would need to be reviewed with the goal of ensuring preventative hygiene, wearing face masks and social distancing where appropriate (Note: ISL uses the term “social distancing” to avoid confusion with public information, even though we believe a school doesn’t want its students to be socially distanced, after all). Our contingency plans need to be maintained and permanently adapted to the developing situation as long as there is no vaccine or effective medication for COVID-19.

Throughout the summer break the school will keep on observing the development in Luxembourg and beyond. There will be sporadic updates, when necessary.

Detailed information on the start of the school year 2020/21 will be sent to everyone on 9th July, through the usual channels of communication.

Have a good weekend ahead

ISL Crisis Team


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