17/6/2020 - myISL Parent Portal's latest highlights - Graduation Ceremony

Dear Parents,

The myISL parent portal is the only “All School” communication platform for our community to be updated on events, news and other pertinent information. During the recent lockdown due to COIVD 19, there has been an increased parent presence on the portal and as a school, we hope that such engagement continues for the 2020 - 2021 school year. When successful communication occurs, parents are engaged and involved in class and school-wide events. Strong parent-school communication provides a greater feeling of community in addition to promoting understanding and trust.

This week on the myISL parent portal, there are many highlights:

  • Lower School Spirit Week: June 22-26
  • ISL Conversation about Racism and Racial Discrimination
  • Grade 5 to 6 Transition: Digital & Library Information
  • Now on Sale – ISL hoodies and T-shirts from ISL’s Business Club!
  • IB Art Visual Arts Class of 2020 Online Exhibition

Please login to the myISL parent portal to view the details for the events and news mentioned above.

On Thursday, the myISL newsletter will be sent directly to parents’ emails therefore there will be no daily update.

As you are already aware, due the COVID-19 pandemic, the school had to adapt both the agenda and the setting of Graduation to ensure that social distancing was respected and all precautionary measures were taken to protect everyone’s health. To view a few additional highlights of the ISL graduation, please refer to the RTL article: “Despite coronavirus measures, ISL 2020 graduates were given a memorable graduation”.

Have a pleasant evening.

ISL Crisis team

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