Faculty & Staff

ISL teachers attending a professional development workshop

A team of professionals dedicated to teaching, committed to students.

Our faculty and staff come from more than two dozen different countries. Their international background and experience contribute to a learning environment that responds to the students' cultural diversity and meets the needs of an international student population.

ISL educators are trained and certified in their respective fields and more than half of them hold Masters' degrees. Our faculty and staff average 18 years of experience in education with eight of them at ISL. Some teachers come to Luxembourg for just a few years and then move on to new positions elsewhere. Others remain at ISL for much of their career: 12% of the teaching staff has served the school for 20 years or more. In recent years ISL has created a number of new positions in response to increasing enrolment, however staff turnover is actually rather low.

As an organisation with a strong commitment to lifelong learning, ISL recognises the importance of professional development. The school encourages faculty and staff to extend their professional expertise and personal growth by providing opportunities and support for continuing education. Professional development activities include initiatives such as on-site training, workshops and conferences, local and distance-learning courses, and visits to other schools of excellence.

Admission professional welcoming parents before an Open Door event
Upper School Science Teacher making a demonstration to High School students
Upper School teacher helping a High School student preparing before a performance
Learning support teacher helping students with their projects
Middle School students raising hand during a mathematics lesson
Design Technology Teacher helping a High School student
Basketball coach discussing strategy with High School students
Nurse taking care of a Lower School student
High School student and teacher reviewing a script at the end of a rehearsal
Upper School teachers listening to a speaker during the Learning2 conference