Mentoring Programme

The ISL Mentorship Programme is a joint initiative of the Community Relations Team, the Higher Education Office and the Grade Level Advisory program. 

Mentors serve as a valuable resource for current ISL students (and young alumni) by sharing experiences at ISL and in university. Students can contact Mentors to seek information, advice, and insight to university experiences, careers, and the programmes that lead to them.  

Mentors can even do more, by offering students job shadowing or internship possibilities. Such experiences allow students to test interest in a field, gain experience, and be in a position to demonstrate the seriousness of their purpose when applying to universities.    

At the same time, by working with current ISL students, Mentors will be in a unique position to help maintain the values and mission of ISL.  Mentors are alumni who choose to deepen their connection with current ISL students. Sharing your experiences is both helpful for students and gratifying for Mentors.

Becoming an ISL Mentor is easy: complete or update your information using this form and your profile will be included in our password-protected online Mentorship Directory, which is accessible only to ISL high school students and recent alumni.  

Helping young people is a most rewarding experience We hope you will consider sharing your experiences by becoming an ISL Mentor.