Posted 04/11/2019 16:45


What is MyMedBot?

Over the past 2 years, Jacob Arnould (ISL, class of 2013) alongside a team of ISL alumni, has been developing MyMedBot, a mobile application and indoor geolocation system that connects students and staff to the school nurses enabling them to share critical health information. In October 2018, MyMedBot graduated from Luxinnovation’s Fit4Start accelerator program and received a €150k grant from the Ministry of Economy. MyMedBot has a patent in Luxembourg and is pending internationally.


How does MyMedBot create smart-safe schools?

MyMedBot closes the gap in health solutions between feeling healthy and experiencing an emergency while providing a superior security system in the event an emergency materializes. Most emergencies start with feeling unwell. If a student feels unwell, they can trigger an alert through the MyMedBot mobile application (iOS and Android) – the nurses on duty are then notified of the student’s location (down to the classroom) and can see his or her existing medical conditions. The student can send a photo of the injury if needed and answer the nurse’s questions to ascertain if it is necessary for him or her to leave class and divert the nurse’s attention from other potential incidents. Alternatively, a student can trigger an “Emergency” alert. In this case, the nurse can immediately communicate with the student on what steps they should take and can simultaneously rush over to the precise location of the student. In an emergency, when the affected person student is unable to provide details or the bystanders are panicking, the nurse can immediately locate the student via indoor geolocation on a map. 

Who is helping create MyMedBot?

MyMedBot was founded by Jacob Arnould (ISL, class of 2013) together with Madeleine Arnould (ISL, class of 2012), a graphic designer. Mark Ferreira (ISL, class of 2014) coordinates MyMedBot’s pilot at the ISL. Finally, Greg Janota (American School of Warsaw, class of 2013) joined from Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the CFO to lead MyMedBot’s financing round and develop the company’s commercial strategy. 

What have we been doing at the ISL?

The MyMedBot team has been working hard over the past year to conduct its pilot at the ISL making it the first smart-safe school in Europe, for the benefit of students and staff. We have launched our pilot at the ISL in September 2019, after setting-up 269 indoor geolocation beacons across the school. Since then we have been running testing sessions with the staff and students to receive feedback and improve the app. The beta testing is crucial to bringing MyMedBot to market and we greatly appreciate the support we have received from the ISL in this respect.

Why did we create MyMedBot?

Our CEO Jacob Arnould lives with Type 1 Diabetes, so he understands how a student can feel when they are unable to reach a nurse, but also how much parents can worry about their children. MyMedBot’s ability to improve communication and access to nurses provides reassurance to the staff, students and parents. Students with chronic conditions and mental health issues stand to benefit the most. Our mission is to make the ISL a smart-safe school and in the future to create smart-safe campuses across Luxembourg and Europe.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions or would be interested in supporting us in our seed round feel free to get in touch at or check out our website at