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Working at ISL

Joining ISL is joining a team of international professionals dedicated to teaching & learning, committed to students’ personal wellbeing & academic developing.

We are looking for candidates, from all over the world, who can:

  • Create vivid learning experiences.
  • Generate more choice in what we learn.
  • Place relationships at the heart of every day.
  • Redefine success.
  • Lead exceptionally

Does this resonate with you? Then check our current vacancies!

Learning Support Teacher pointing to a white board and helping Lower School student

What we offer at a glance

A very competitive salary package, with a salary scale including automatic step increases and government mandated regular cost of living increases which secure your salary evolution 

We employ both EU and non-EU personnel & we support and follow all applications for work permits. A benefits package for overseas staff including relocation & transportation allowances, paid flights to Luxembourg, individualised assistance upon arrival, regular home leaves. 

Tuition reduction only to Faculty staff (up to a 100% reduction if employed full time) for up to two dependent children

The possibility to take on additional duties such as department head, athletic coaches, club advisors, etc., a stipend is paid for this activity.

Strong focus on professional development, ISL supports plenty of training opportunities 

A very supportive supplementary pension plan, Anniversary awards, School holidays

State of the art technology devices and innovative tools, ISL is a tech savvy school at the top the new ICT trends.

Great learning spaces and resources plus the school highly supports the organisation of sports or other health-related activities on campus

Subsidised and amazing healthy food and snacks

Joining an outstanding team of internationally experienced educators, dedicated to teaching, committed to students.

Belonging to a caring and welcoming community: Wellbeing is at the core of everything we do

One says Luxembourg is a beautiful international “village”: lots of expats, family oriented, easy to socialise, strategically located in the center of Europe, ideal for travel opportunities

Luxembourg offers very generous social benefits: great medical care and reimbursement plus allowances to resident families with dependent children


Disclaimer: Some of the above listed benefits are considered to be taxable under Luxembourg employment laws or accessible under certain conditions.