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Meet Zak Steiner

Learn more about Zak Steiner, parent and volunteer

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

I'm Zak Steiner, a stay-at-home dad, or some may say, a trophy husband! We relocated here to support my wife's career advancement. Originally from Ohio, USA, we anticipate living in Luxembourg for three years before returning to Ohio.

How many children do you have at ISL, and in which grades are they currently in?

My wife, Arin, and I are proud parents of two remarkable children: Cole, our son in grade 7, and Klein, our daughter in grade 4.

How long have you been a parent at ISL?

In July 2021, we relocated to Luxembourg, and the kids commenced school that August! Since then, my engagement at ISL has expanded each year.

When you were looking for a school in Luxembourg, what factors or aspects of ISL made you choose it for your children?

Before relocating, we narrowed our options down to three schools we were considering for our children. We also consulted with colleagues at Arin's workplace to gather information about where their children were enrolled. It was through these discussions that we concluded ISL would be the most suitable choice for our family. The grade trips, Parent Community Group, and the school's diversity were among the factors that influenced our decision to select ISL.

Have you had any previous experience with international schools before ISL? If so, could you share what sets ISL apart from other schools?


Could you share some of the most important skills or experiences your child has acquired while attending ISL?

In fifth grade, our son traveled to Switzerland for a week unaccompanied by his parents! This marked a significant milestone for any child, and witnessing his growth and success in that environment brought us immense joy. Through this experience and subsequent trips, he acquired numerous out-of-classroom skills that are equally valuable as those learned within the classroom.

What advice would you give to new families who are just starting their journey at ISL?

Embrace involvement! I'm fortunate that our circumstances have enabled me to volunteer in various capacities at the school. Discover what suits you and your family, and take action. Interestingly, my presence at school doesn't embarrass the kids; instead, they eagerly approach me, exchange greetings, and even offer side hugs! The teachers are fantastic and eager to collaborate with our children.

Zak Steiner at the Lower School Trunk or Treat Halloween Party, volunteering as bartender


Do you volunteer with the school in any capacity, and if so, could you share your experiences as a volunteer?

Since August 2021, I've been actively involved as a teacher and school volunteer, taking on roles such as Learning Assistants Program (LAP) Volunteer, Classroom Advisory Parent, and Exploratory Teacher. Additionally, I participate in the DEIJ Parent's book club and the Neurodiversity Parents Group. Recently, I've been teaching Grade 8 students Introduction to Public Speaking during their exploratory class, a 13-week course that provides them with an overview of speech development and delivery. This is a pilot class that is parent volunteer lead. It has been amazing watching them grow! Volunteering at the school has been immensely rewarding! The support from the Parent Community Group, classroom parents, ISL Community Outreach, and teachers has been outstanding, motivating me to contribute even more. I urge everyone to participate and get involved, whether it's joining the Learning Assistants Program (LAP) or going on a field trip! Personally, I gained a wealth of knowledge about Roman History when I accompanied grade 7 students on a trip to Trier, Germany.

From your perspective, do you feel there are enough opportunities for parent involvement within ISL, or do you have suggestions for improvement?

I feel that there are many opportunities for parent involvement.

When recommending ISL to a new family, what first comes to your mind as the strongest reason to choose our school?

Our son's experience, particularly during middle school, has been truly remarkable. The school ensures he has access to all necessary resources for success, and he's been thriving academically.

Can you describe ISL in five words that, in your opinion, best capture its essence and strengths?

Innovative, Inclusive, Engaging, Supportive, Diverse.

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