Voices (ISL Stories)

Learn more about Sean Wang, Parent Ambassador and volunteer

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

My name is Sean Wang. I was born in northern China. My wife and I studied and worked in China and USA before coming to Europe. Now it is our 4th year in Luxembourg.

How many children do you have at ISL, and in which grades are they currently in?

3. Grade 5, 5, and 2

How long have you been a parent at ISL?

3.5 years. We moved to Luxembourg from Seattle during summer 2020, right in the middle of COVID pandemic.

When you were looking for a school in Luxembourg, what factors or aspects of ISL made you choose it for your children?

First, we narrowed down our search to English speaking schools. We chose ISL based on recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Have you had any previous experience with international schools before ISL? If so, could you share what sets ISL apart from other schools?

Not with international schools.

Could you share some of the most important skills or experiences your child has acquired while attending ISL?

1) making friends from various background.

2) being open-minded and understanding the world from a global citizen’s view.

What advice would you give to new families who are just starting their journey at ISL?

New school, new country, new language will be very challenging to any kid. Take things slow. Be patient. Be encouraging.

Do you volunteer with the school in any capacity, and if so, could you share your experiences as a volunteer?

I am a Parent Ambassador, welcoming new families to ISL and offering assistance. I also organise the Chinese parent community to decorate the school with lanterns to celebrate the Spring Festival every year. It has become a tradition now.

I am also a Learning Assistance Program mentor, coaching certain new students to adapt to new school environment or handle bullying problems.

From your perspective, do you feel there are enough opportunities for parent involvement within ISL, or do you have suggestions for improvement?

While there are plenty of opportunities for parent involvement, despite having many parents from China, Japan, and Korea, Asian parents are not as frequently seen participating, probably due to language and culture barrier. 

When recommending ISL to a new family, what first comes to your mind as the strongest reason to choose our school?

ISL is an exceptionally well-managed school, with no obvious weaknesses.

Can you describe ISL in five words that, in your opinion, best capture its essence and strengths?

Global perspective. Happy kids here.

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