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Meet Nancy Prior 

Learn more about Nancy Prior, Parent Ambassador, and Grade 11 Parent.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

I was born and raised in New York, but found myself at the top of the Swiss Alps in 1994, where I embarked on my first teaching job. While in Switzerland, I met my husband, a fellow New Yorker (what are the odds?), got married and started a family. As life unfolded, we found ourselves relocating to Luxembourg in 2019, marking the beginning of a new chapter.

How many children do you have at ISL, and in which grades are they currently in? How long have you been a parent at ISL?

Our two boys joined ISL in 2019. TJ being our eldest graduated in 2022. He is studying film and is a competitive swimmer for Saint Michael's College in Burlington, Vermont. Bobby, presently in Grade 11, is working on his International Baccalaureate and is a year-round athlete for ISL. He plans to study in the USA.

When you were looking for a school in Luxembourg, what factors or aspects of ISL made you choose it for your children?

The boys were born and raised in Switzerland where they attended public school and were immersed in Swiss daily life. Being mother tongue English and fluent in both Swiss German and German, we sought an International English-speaking school that offered German. We were looking for a school that would nurture their multilingual and cultural abilities. Additionally, we wanted sports integrated into their school experience, as we believe in the great benefits that school, sports and friendships play in development. ISL offered this in one amazing package.

Have you had any previous experience with international schools before ISL? If so, could you share what sets ISL apart from other schools?

Yes, TJ attended ISZL in Switzerland for a duration of two years. We have found that ISL offers a more diverse representation of nationalities from across the globe. As well as this, ISL offers fantastic sports and afterschool programs!

Could you share some of the most important skills or experiences your child has acquired while attending ISL?

With a foundation in the IB program, TJ was academically ready for university. He has proven to be able to handle the challenge university curriculum has given him. Both boys' verbal and written expression is impressive, thanks to a curriculum that emphasizes writing, thus shaping them into great communicators.

As avid athletes who actively participated in ISL's sports program, both boys engaged in various activities such as skiing, tennis, cross-country running, and swimming. This comprehensive program not only helped their athletic skills but also provided opportunities to compete internationally, fostering connections with diverse families and friends from around the globe. Bobby has had the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, completing the Bronze and Silver levels and is currently pursuing Gold. This program has been instrumental in his remarkable growth and development while making lifelong friendships. Mr. Whiting's cooking class should be highlighted! Bobby gained a new independence and confidence in the kitchen which we believe to be a lifelong skill.

What advice would you give to new families who are just starting their journey at ISL?

Join ALL the clubs that you can, especially Helen’s walking group and Paula’s dog walking group(with or without a dog)! Participate in ALL the events that the school and the parent groups organize. This is where you will find your happy place!

Do you volunteer with the school in any capacity, and if so, could you share your experiences as a volunteer?

Our journey with ISL has not only enriched our children's educational experiences but has also introduced us to a vibrant community of families and friends. Since 2020, I've been actively involved as an Advisory Parent for both boys, serving as a Parent Ambassador, a member of the Grade 12 Senior Committee, and I help the decorating committee. This year, I have the privilege of being the Grade 11 parent. I enjoy all of my involvement at ISL and love meeting new friends and families.

From your perspective, do you feel there are enough opportunities for parent involvement within ISL, or do you have suggestions for improvement?

I believe that there are numerous ways for involvement at ISL, thanks to the Parent Community Group. From weekly seminars and walks to engaging book clubs, diverse volunteering opportunities and parent events, ISL offers many ways for parents to actively engage with the school community. I encourage fellow parents to consider joining the Board of Governors, where their contributions can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the school.

When recommending ISL to a new family, what first comes to your mind as the strongest reason to choose our school?

The first thing that comes to mind are the life long friendships we have made. As well as this, ISL provides an inclusive environment where every student can thrive academically, artistically and athletically. The teaching staff is competent and encourage the students every step of the way!

Can you describe ISL in five words that, in your opinion, best capture its essence and strengths?

A welcoming, supportive, inclusive international school.

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