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Meet Molly Vickers

Learn more about Molly Vickers, Alumni (Class of 2015)

Molly Vickers

Class of (or years attended):

Where are you living now?

What did you do after you left ISL?
Undergraduate degree at Durham University then a master's degree at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

What did you study at University?
Biomedical sciences (BSc) and Immunology of Infectious Diseases (MSc)

What are you doing now?
I am an infectious disease researcher.

Do you think that your time at ISL helped you pursue this? If yes, how?
Throughout Upper School, the quality of teaching within the sciences was of a high standard. The passion from my science teachers inspired me to pursue a career in biology and my international upbringing prompted a specific interest in infectious diseases. As I was surrounded by equal numbers of both male and female science teachers, I never felt put off or discouraged from entering the world of science as a woman.

What advantages has studying at ISL given you?
Studying at ISL has equipped me with the capacity to work in an international and culturally diverse environment and fostered a confidence in my own capabilities.

What advice would you give students to help them make the most of their time at ISL?
Don’t limit yourself when it comes to friendships and extracurricular activities – be kind and squeeze in as many extracurricular activities as you can!

Were you involved in any clubs/activities at ISL? What did you enjoy about them and what benefit do you think they have for students?
I participated in after school sport all year round and was in the choir and band for most of my time in Upper School. I also completed Mérite Jeunesse through the school’s programme. I cannot stress the importance of extracurricular activities enough; particularly during the final years at school when the IB takes hold and work piles up. Not only do these activities act as stress outlets but I was also able to form strong friendships with lots of people of all ages, many of whom are still my closest friends.

Describe some of the things that ISL does above and beyond teaching and learning:
See extracurricular answer.

How did your time at ISL help shape you as a person?
As indicated above, ISL has allowed me to work in an international environment and improved my confidence in both work and casual settings. 

What do you think is unique about ISL?
The high standard of teaching and the strong encouragement to participate in extracurricular activities - particularly the promotion of girls in sports.

 Describe ISL in 5 words:
International, opportunity affording, inclusive, supportive, demanding.


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