Voices (ISL Stories)

Meet Maaret Davey

Learn more about Maaret Davey, ISL Board of Governors Chair, elected December 2020

Please introduce yourself briefly.

Originally from Finland, my husband and I landed in Luxembourg from Paris in January 2002 with a view of staying 6months to a year…a common story in Luxembourg! 

I am  a mom to two great kids, Julia 19yrs  who has already graduated and Miklas 14yrs in 9thgrade. Currently I work for Pictet & Cie as a private banker and in my free time(!) I volunteer for the school board and also for Dress for Success asbl. If after all this I am left with some time I like to join in on ladies tennis 😊 and naturally walking with my two senior dogs!


How long have you been serving on ISL’s board and why?

Since my daughter joined ISL in 2004 I have always been involved with the school one way or another and when I went back to the corporate world I was no longer able to volunteer in the way that I was used to and then decided that another way of contributing would be through the board work and now I am on my 4th mandate having  served just over 6 years!


What are your ambitions for your new role as chair on ISL’s board?

This year we have some big items on the agenda, such as the CBA and Nicki Crush's (current ISL Director) retirement in June 2021 and the arrival of the new appointed director David J. Condon to take over as the head of school. Both carry a great importance for the school’s future and the board and I are looking forward to getting to know him and to support him to succeed in his role.


What interests you most about ISL?
This one is tricky because there are so many different areas that interest me, from the educational perspectives to approaches to teaching and learning not to mention the extra-curricular…. ISL is the sum of its parts but I suppose it boils down to the question -  How can ISL continue to remain current, given the technological and environmental changes, in delivering an international education for the benefit of its current and future students…

What motivates you?

At the risk of sounding corny…my motivation stems from being able to contribute to making a change and having an impact, be it at individual or institutional level….and coffee!

What do you think is unique about ISL?

ISL as a community – It is, or was before Covid, a place where parents, students and staff could meet up, get to know each other and do things together. For many new parents and students who may have left their extended families and friends behind, certainly was the case for me, ISL community provides a feeling of being part of something, almost like a family! Sure, as the school has grown in the last 15 years it is harder to keep that same look and feel but we just need to be more intentional about it!

Describe ISL in 5 words:

Caring, challenging and impactful community