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Meet Kathrin Helminger 

Learn more about Kathrin Helminger, Alumni (Class of 2010)

Where are you living now?
In Luxembourg for a few more months but US by the end of the year

What did you do after you left ISL?
I went to London to do my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with Marketing at Royal Holloway University of London

What did you study at University?
Business Management with Marketing

What are you doing now?
I am currently a Senior Advisor at PwC. As part of the world’s largest European export acceleration programme, I help fast growing tech companies accelerate their business and internationalise to different markets.

Do you think that your time at ISL helped you pursue this? If yes, how?
ISL has impacted the way I perceive certain situations at work. The fact that you are surrounded by so many international students and teachers, you learn a lot about different cultures. This certainly has been very helpful when I have to coordinate and communicate with different teams/clients across the world. Additionally, I loved the way of teaching at ISL, it was challenging and hard yet the teachers were always motivating and supportive. The spirit at ISL was very positive and you were never told that you have “failed” that’s something that always stuck with me. I left ISL without having a doubt that I can achieve my goals, I just have to push for it and find the right way of achieving it and I strongly believe that this is a very crucial part in the life of teenagers / young adults to know that you can do it and to never self-doubt yourself!

What advantages has studying at ISL given you?
Being in an uplifting environment, meeting people from all over the world and creating long lasting friendships (with students and teachers) as ISL is very big in creating a community. 

What advice would you give students to help them make the most of their time at ISL?
Take advantage of every service that is offered at ISL, go to your career coach, don’t be shy to ask for advice, be open, get involved in the ISL community. Don’t take it for granted, lots of schools don’t offer these services and these are truly services that will impact your university/career path.

Were you involved in any clubs/activities at ISL? What did you enjoy about them and what benefit do you think they have for students?

- I was part of the Track and Field team: the team was great - back then Mr. Tuffel was my coach and he was the best. He wasn’t only a sports coach but also a mentor. ISL offers so many great sports activities, I think it’s a great way to do an extra activity and to be exposed to other sports team when competing meeting other international schools.
- I was part of the Tanzania project: absolutely loved this. It is a great way to get involved in charity work and also be part of it from the beginning and then having the ability to be on site and meet the people has been an experience I will cherish forever.

Describe some of the things that ISL does above and beyond teaching and learning
CARING & SUPPORTING. I loved my teachers – they were so involved and really went above and beyond to help you do the best you can.

How did your time at ISL help shape you as a person?
I think it helped me have a bigger outlook in life in general, it showed me the bigger picture of things. I feel like it taught to say “never say never” when you second guess if you are capable of doing something. 

What do you think is unique about ISL?
The community and the teachers truly make it exceptional 

Describe ISL in 5 words
I want to go back :)

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