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Meet Joanne Zhou

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Please introduce yourself briefly.
Hello! I am Joanne Luo from China. I focused on Chinese-English translation and simultaneous interpretation during my master’s studies. Before our family moved to Luxembourg two years ago I had been working as a journalist for 17 years. 

How long have you been a parent at ISL?
This is my third year as an ISL parent.

Did you have any previous experience with international schools?
I had no hands-on experience with international schools before my son came to ISL because he had attended public schools in China. 

When looking for a school in Luxembourg, what made you choose ISL?
ISL was the only school we considered when we came to this country, because my son, 14 at the time, spoke only Chinese and (a little) English and could only be placed in a school that teaches in English. Our friends in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium all recommended ISL, and, impressed by its great reputation and the user-friendly website, we applied without hesitation and everything went out well.

What are the most important skills your child(ren) have acquired at ISL?
Essay-writing, speaking and analytical skills are what my husband and I have found to be the most important skills our son has learned at ISL. His English was still not very good when he arrived, but he has made amazing progress over the last two years. Today, he speaks with confidence and clarity. His writing and analytics skills have also improved to such extent that he actually enjoys writing all his essays.

What do you think is unique about ISL?
ISL is a unique place where children simply LOVE going to school, a proven fact since Day 2 in my son’s case (he was just too nervous on Day 1).

Describe some of the things that ISL does above and beyond teaching and learning?
Above and beyond teaching and learning, students’ individual passions and talents in different areas are well encouraged and guided. My son, who is enthusiastic in maths and science, enjoys the maths competition camp on campus and the annual maths competition tour to other European cities. Many of his friends spend their weekends participating in sports competitions at home or abroad. All these are great experiences.

What advice would you give to families new at ISL?
Advice to new families: to their children, relax, enjoy school and explore the wide world offered in front of your eyes. In this process you will one day find out where your heart is, then go for it and fulfill your dreams; to parents, stop worrying about your children, relax and enjoy the present by keeping them company and witnessing their growth. When you are anxious about certain issues, feel free to join us in the parents community, where you can share, vent your anxiety and befriend other families who might well become lifelong friends of you and your children.

Describe ISL in 5 words
The truly international, dynamic campus culture and the widely recognized IB curriculum it offers.

When recommending ISL to a new family, what first comes to mind?
International, dynamic, encouraging, friendly, resilient.






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