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Henry Munster

Number of Children who attended ISL: 1

Years of your children’s attendance: 14

Where are your children now and what are they doing?
New York City, studying at NYU

Do you feel that ISL prepared them for what they are currently doing?
Absolutely, not only academically but also socially how to “perform” in an international environment  

While your children were studying at ISL, did you volunteer with the school in some way? If yes, what did you do?
Yes, as a board member of the Board of Governors for almost 5 years

Do you feel there are enough volunteer opportunities for parents within ISL?
Do you have any suggestions for new activities? Yes, there were and are. Especially in today’s world with a “new” normal, a lot of expertise and experience will be required to prepare ISL for the post Covid-19 era (risk management, cyber security, cloud back-up services, leadership coaching for remote people management, building future-forward solutions, etc.).

Have you remained connected to ISL in some way since your child(ren) graduated? If yes, what are you doing?
Yes, but mostly informally to stay abreast of new developments and advising alumni and/or staff with business and career opportunities.

Why have you made the decision to stay connected to the school?
To return something to an institution that provided our child with so many opportunities to excel academically in an international environment

What advice would you give to prospective families thinking about joining ISL?
Look at the future of your children “through their eyes” and decide if they need academic excellence to have access to an internationally oriented educational world with high social and respectful standards 

Describe what makes ISL unique?
The commitment of the teachers

Describe ISL in 5 words:
Challenging, welcoming, quality and international  



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