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Meet Alina Ignatieva

Learn more about Alina Ignatieva, Parent Ambassador and Grade 1 Parent
Grade 1 ISL Parent Alina Ignatieva sitting in front of a window in her home in Luxembourg.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family?

We are an international Italia-Russian family, we met in Luxembourg where our son Alexander was born. We have been living here for more than 15 years and consider Luxembourg to be our home. 

How many children do you have at ISL, and in which grades are they currently in?

Our son Alexander (Sasha) is in 1st grade.

How long have you been a parent at ISL?

This is our 4th year at ISL.

When you were looking for a school in Luxembourg, what factors or aspects of ISL made you choose it for your children?

Quality of education, educational programme (IB) and learning in English language, IB scores, references from other parents, fostering of internationality through respect of home cultures, strong community and opportunities for parents to be involved in the school life.

Have you had any previous experience with international schools before ISL? If so, could you share what sets ISL apart from other schools?


Could you share some of the most important skills or experiences your child has acquired while attending ISL?

In addition to Sasha’s remarkable proficiency in English, acquired swiftly during his initial year at school, I believe ISL delivers a comprehensive education. This encompasses not only scientific and social learning but also emphasizes emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and effective learning techniques. Sasha is instructed with a focus on balance, teamwork, and the significance of making wise life choices.

What advice would you give to new families who are just starting their journey at ISL?

The number of opportunities and resources may seem overwhelming at the beginning but give yourself some time and it will all come together. Use opportunities to connect to other parents through Parent Ambassadors programme and your class homeroom parents - those parents have a wealth of knowledge about the school and are there to help you.  

Do you volunteer with the school in any capacity, and if so, could you share your experiences as a volunteer?

I have actively contributed to the school community through various roles, including serving as a Home Room parent and Grade level parent in the past. Additionally, I took on responsibilities as a member of the Parent Community Group Leadership Team and participated in committees such as Finance and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice. Despite transitioning to a full-time working parent role with a young child, I remain committed to ISL's Parent Ambassadors program for new families and engage in school activities whenever possible, including reading sessions in classrooms, supporting sports days, and participating in international lunch activities. ISL provides a myriad of opportunities for parents to be an integral part of the school community, with options that can accommodate varying time commitments, skills, and personal preferences.

From my experience, I have witnessed the positive impact of parental involvement on my child's experience at school. Not only has the school expressed appreciation for my volunteering efforts, but I have also cultivated meaningful friendships with other families. ISL's welcoming approach to parent engagement has not only enriched my son's educational journey but has also fostered a sense of community and connection within the school.

From your perspective, do you feel there are enough opportunities for parent involvement within ISL, or do you have suggestions for improvement?

I see lots of opportunities for parents to be connected to the school and stay connected to other parents across the school.

When recommending ISL to a new family, what first comes to your mind as the strongest reason to choose our school?

Happiness of the students, excellent IB results, numerous opportunities to develop beyond the classroom. I see that ISL continuously strives for excellency - be it the cutting edge research to base the programmes on, the high class facilities or becoming a leader in sustainability or diversity and inclusion.

Can you describe ISL in five words that, in your opinion, best capture its essence and strengths?

Community, happiness, learning, excellence, resilience.


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