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CAS Voice - Class of 2023

Adrien, Class of 2023 graduate, discusses his varied Creativity, Activity, Service experiences, and considers the transformative potential of CAS for IB students.

Examples of Adrien’s CAS experiences and project:Volunteer with Caritas, Fondation Stamm group leader, Art Club, Symphonic Band, Tennis, Alliance, Amnesty…

Adrien, how did you maintain good health and wellbeing during the IB programme?
I play tennis regularly and started fitness training. As I am not the biggest fan of working out, I can say that it was challenging, bringing myself to wake up on a weekend to work out. However, after a few sessions, I genuinely started enjoying it. Whenever I was done with a workout session, I felt better about myself.  With this positive experience, I have decided to keep working out in the summer and the next school year. I believe that this active experience allowed me to find a new hobby to enjoy, it has also helped me with being more disciplined. 

Which of your CAS experiences has meant the most to you personally and why?
Fondation Stamm *. I was able to create a whole club on my own and actually make an impact in the world by organising donations and being in contact with the foundation in Burundi. We brought together students from different age groups such from 6th to 11th grade.  Verena Stamm, the founder, was especially inspiring and motivated us to undertake this CAS project.

Did you undertake an experience that you would not otherwise have had the opportunity or motivation to do? If so, do you feel this has been a valuable experience and why?
One opportunity that I would have probably not taken part of would have been working with the grocery store run by Caritas Luxembourg*. I am a naturally socially shy person and would not usually go out of my comfort zone. However, CAS allowed me to be more open and reach out to organizations outside of school. Through this experience I was able to socialize with others in Luxembourg and improve many skills. Also, this experience overall showed me my privilege and allowed me to understand it and not to take it for granted. Furthermore, I was able to meet fascinating people and see how their social status does not define them. 

Which of your CAS experiences presented you with the greatest challenge? How did you overcome this?
Fondation Stamm, as it was a new experience to go through the multiple steps and process of creating donation drives and planning something within the school which meets all the required criteria. Furthermore, it was a new experience and got me to work with a community outside of this country.

How do you think you have demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance through CAS?I have undertaken roles with organizations such as Amnesty International, Fondation Stamm, Caritas Luxembourg and the HS Alliance club*, and through these have shown engagement with groups protecting human rights, LGBTQ+ rights, equality and helping refugees have more comfortable and affordable lives, and also helped communities in Burundi with access to educational materials.

Were you involved in any other extra-curricular activities or projects during the past two years that you did not formally include in your CAS programme?
I have been learning Japanese!

Have any aspects of your CAS programme helped to prepare you for higher education or your working life in the future?
CAS has made me more aware of the world and made me want to continue helping others. Furthermore, I have seen a change in my lifestyle and I feel like a more well-rounded student today. I hope to continue to undertake similar activities in the future.

CAS Coordinator notes

*Fondation Stamm, founded in 1999 in Burundi, aids groups most affected by the civil war in that country, such as young children, youths, young women, with a particular focus on providing accommodation, healthcare and education.

*Caritas Luxembourg Epiceries Sociales: social grocery stores selling low-cost items for those with recognised needs, who are at risk of deprivation or exclusion.

*HS Alliance, a high school student-led group focusing on LGBTQ+ advocacy at ISL


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