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CAS Voice - Class of 2023

Amelia, Class of 2023 graduate, reflects on her Creativity, Activity, Service during the IB Diploma Programme.

Examples of Amelia’s CAS experiences and project:
Student liaison with Médecins sans Frontières and leader of Friends of MSF at ISL, mentor with the Learning Assistance Programme at ISL, volleyball, tennis, voice lessons, science projects…

Amelia, which of your CAS experiences has meant the most to you personally and why?
My CAS project, with Médecins sans Frontières, meant the most to me because I felt proud of what I had accomplished. It was a great way to contribute to MSF’s important initiatives that help those in need, while creating a project in an area I am interested in for future studies.

This year we organized another Mapathon, in conjunction with Geo week, where grade 8 students mapped areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I think it was a very successful event because a large number of buildings were mapped and a new grade of students was introduced to and became a part of the work MSF does.

This year, we also gained lots of new members in the club, many of whom have shown real interest in volunteering and even organizing their own events. The most rewarding part of this experience was being able to engage other students in a cause I am passionate about and being able to pass on the foundation of a club for them to continue and even grow in the future. I chose to do this experience because I wanted to contribute to MSF’s initiatives and be able to help people lacking adequate medical aid. I feel as if I was able to meet these goals and create a place for others to do the same in the future.

Did you undertake an experience that you would not otherwise have had the opportunity or motivation to do? If so, do you feel this has been a valuable experience?
I think I was more aware of the different opportunities offered because of the CAS requirement. It definitely pushed me to become involved in a rewarding service opportunity that I might not have otherwise sought out. It was a very valuable experience to plan and organize my own project with an organization outside of the school.

Which of your CAS experiences presented you with the greatest challenges? How did you overcome these?
My CAS project (MSF) presented me with the greatest challenges when organizing the events. Often times I would email someone for assistance and they would not get back to me. Some of the matters were time-sensitive, so to overcome this challenge I had to repeatedly follow up with people and talk to them in person to make sure everything was done on time.

How do you think you have demonstrated engagement with issues of global significance through your CAS programme?
Through working with MSF (such as organising “Mapathons”, or hosting exhibitions), I was able to learn about the work they do all around the world to eradicate diseases and prevent epidemics in areas with limited healthcare. Each Mapathon also made me aware of specific, current, issues such as a potential measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Were you involved in any other extra-curricular activities or projects during the past two years that you did not formally include in your CAS programme?
I had a paid job working for a general practitioner and I participated in science competitions and Olympiads.

Have any aspects of your CAS programme helped to prepare you for higher education or your working life in the future? 
Completing my CAS project taught me important organizational skills important for working life in the future. I also believe doing the science competitions helped me confirm that I wanted to study biology after high school.

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