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Admissions Policy and Regulations

Below you will find our Admissions Policy and Regulations

  • The School exists primarily to meet the needs of expatriate families whose children require an English-speaking education and for whom, due to lack of local language acquisition, other schools may not be a viable option.  
  • The School recognises the benefits of including students from the permanent, local community and enrols these students whenever possible. 
  • A child’s ability to profit from the School’s academic programme is the prime criterion when making admissions decisions.  
  • A child’s social, emotional and educational needs are at the centre of every decision made and admission may be denied if the School is not in a position to address any such specific needs. 
  • Applications are encouraged irrespective of the child or family member’s race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or religion.  
  • The principles of clarity, consistency and transparency are upheld in all admissions procedures.
  • All admissions decisions are made on the basis of input from committees comprised of school administration, faculty and/or professional staff in accordance with a clearly communicated admissions timeline.
  • All offers of enrolment and terms of financial commitment are based on an agreed entry date.  
  • When space is unavailable at a particular grade level, the Admissions Office shall employ waiting pool procedures. 
  • When space is limited at a particular grade level, families who have applied for an entry date more than two months ahead may be accepted and placed in a waiting pool.  
  • There is an annual enrolment application process for students who continue to meet the School’s admissions criteria.
  • The Board of Governors sets Entry and School fees annually.
  • The School offers a limited number of academic, means-tested scholarships, subject  to availability.
  • In all matters regarding admission, the Director’s decision is final.

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