We invited our community to complete the sentence 'I love ISL because...' and the responses we received were heartwarming.

Memories, achievements, and shared experiences that define our school's remarkable 60-year journey...

Here, on this virtual canvas, the spirit of ISL comes alive through the words of those who have walked its halls, each sentence echoing the sentiment that has resonated through the decades:

We Love ISL!

I love ISL because the staff at ISL is genuinely concerned about children's and parents' wellbeing.

Danielle Ribs-Fleischmann, Parent of G11 student

I love ISL because it didn't only gave me the opportunities to succeed as a student, but it also equipped me with the tools to find my path and achieve much in my higher education and professional careers beyond Geeseknaeppchen.

Ian Kearns, Alumnus (Class of 2020)

I love ISL because we are a dedicated and competitive community that loves being active, representing ISL, and committed to spreading the wings of the EAGLE!!!

Ben Smith, Head of Sports

I love ISL because of the diverse and including environment.

Andrea, Grade 8 student

ISL is where my family's teaching legacy thrived, and I love it for fostering generations of educators. I love ISL because it is not just a school; it is a second home where passion for teaching and a sense of belonging come together. 

Sarah Vandeweerd, French Teacher

I love ISL because of the freedom they give me to express my thoughts, both during my classes and through my work

Julia, Grade 11 student

We love ISL because teachers and staff genuinely love our kids; because our kids learn how to learn and how to strive; and because it is a community for families like no other.

Alina Ignatieva, Parent of a Grade 1 student

I love ISL because of the fun and interesting community.

Pola, Grade 10 student

I Love ISL because our commitment to inquiry and student voice, places curiosity, creativity and innovative contribution at the heart of our community. 

Sherriden Masters, Head of Educational and Media Technology

I love ISL as a teacher because @ISL, students  of different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures learn to know, understand and respect each other. 

Marie-Claire O'Sullivan-Dahm, Luxembourgish Teacher

We love ISL because as an international couple, we’ve discovered a welcoming family within its community. The learning environment consistently radiates with brilliance and enthusiasm, making it a truly exceptional place for our children’s education. Our hearts are deeply connected to this school where love, diversity and outstanding education come together harmoniously.

Elisa Nada, Parent of G4 & G8 students

 I love ISL because of its unique way of teaching and its diversity.

Anouk, Grade 6 student

I love ISL because it puts great emphasis on education for sustainable development & nature based learning making it a place where students, teachers and everyone else can thrive.

Philip J. Keech, Head of Sustainability

I love ISL because…..it gives me the opportunity to do what I love - teaching students from around the world as well as learning from them and seeing them achieve their goals.

Ana Paula Fulco, Early Years Physical Education Teacher

I love ISL because of the opportunities students are given to make a change in our community.

Krisztian, Grade 9 student

We love ISL because it was a game changer for our family. Especially my son changed completely from waking up in the morning, asking each day for the weekend - to jumping out of bed and appreciating each and every day. The teachers care and make a difference every day🧡

Jeannelle Gresham, Parent of G10 & G12 students

I love ISL because of the dedication to academic excellence, combined with a focus on fostering personal development and cultural understanding, creating a supportive community that I truly appreciate.

Thomas, Grade 11 student

I love ISL because of the Lower School community, especially the students;  their wonder at the world, their willingness to engage and their confidence to see the world through fresh eyes, kind outlooks, and broad perspectives.

Keryn Dowling, Lower School Principal

I love ISL because it combines inquiry-based learning with an inclusive environment, providing students with the skills and perspectives they need for our interconnected world. 

Meredith Smith, Grade 2 Teacher

​​I love ISL because it offers more than just classroom learning to both students and adults.

Carol Murray, Upper School Receptionist

I love ISL because it gives me the opportunity to interact with children from different cultures and backgrounds which provides me a greater ability to positively impact the lives of our students by assisting them to become International Citizens who can make a difference.

Michael Brittingham II, Lower School Activities Coordinator

I love ISL because of its inclusion of different learning profiles.

Raphaëla, Grade 11 student

I love ISL because learning is hands on, challenging and often very fun!

Tanya Irene, Digital Learning Coach

My family and I love ISL because every possibility is open to the students - “on this earth” is the only limit, and there are great teachers who will do their best to help our children be inspired, stay engaged, and make some real progress achieving their goals. I feel confident that my children’s natural curiosity has been nurtured to the extent that they will be lifelong learners, which is a true gift.  

Gretchen Blanchard, Parent of G8, 10 & 11 students

We love ISL because everybody there makes such an effort to welcome newcomers. The teachers seem to have found that place of balance between friendliness on the one hand and the maintenance of standards on the other. We also love the energy of the place which never seems to wane. 

Chris Ferris, Parent of G8 & G9 students

I love ISL because of the efficient way of learning and communicating. I also love ISL because of how it connects people all around the world together peacefully.

Petar, Grade 6 student

We love ISL because it has given my family and I a fantastic welcome to our new home, Luxembourg; it has a plethora of ways to get everyone involved in its community, whether your interest lies in walking, quiz nights, BBQs or sports events, the list is endless! And finally, the team are so appreciative of any help you can give along the way!

Deb Fellowes-Freeman, Parent (Grade 9 & Grade 12 students)