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Mission and Values

Preschool students playing in the playground using traffic signs

Our Mission

We ensure that everyone in our community
becomes inspired, resilient and passionate
about achieving what matters, anywhere in the world.


To achieve this mission, everyone in our community of parents, students and staff aligns themselves with our core values:

We believe in the power of listening to each other

The greatest service you can give another human being is to really listen to what they say.

We believe learning should happen in and out of the classroom

There are no limits to what we can learn in life and at school.

We believe change is almost always a force for good

If something can be done better, let’s do it.

We believe we achieve more if we work as a team

When we work together we create something that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

We believe in looking after each other like family

We always have each other’s backs.

ISL Key Strategic Ambitions
First page of the PDF file: Key_Strategic_Ambitions

Statement of Philosophy

The International School of Luxembourg believes knowledge and skills are essential to function successfully within both the community of our school and the multilingual, multicultural societies in which we live. We provide our students with the opportunity and motivate them to develop skills to become lifelong learners, enabling them to take responsibility for their own learning and well-being.

We recognise the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional challenges by providing diverse learning, creative, social, active and service opportunities. We offer world-recognised programmes of achievement and differentiated instruction to support the needs of our diverse community.

We do not accept any form of discrimination. The school offers an environment where children of different backgrounds, genders, nationalities, cultures and beliefs can learn to know, understand and respect each other.