Learning Loft

Learning Loft

Since 2010, through hosting a variety of professional development workshops, ISL has played host to hundreds of inquisitive international school educators. These workshops and conferences attracted international teachers, curriculum designers and school leaders to participate in learning experiences geared towards positively impacting and influencing student learning.

In light of COVID 19, the ISL Institutes transitioned to a virtual setting and were reimagined as the ISL Virtual Learning Loft.

ISL is proud to present a series of webinars that promote best practices and embrace the collective wisdom of the participants. Since the start of the #ISLLoft, we have been fortunate to collaborate with leaders in international education such as Angeline Aow, Jennifer AbramsDaniel Wickner, Ewan McIntosh, Joel Jr Llaban, Ruth Van Reken, Tonya Gilchrist and Jeff Utech. The #ISLLoft has enabled educators to connect and develop networking opportunities on a global scale and promote ISL as a learning organisation. 

Pioneering Schools featured the #ISLLoft highlighting and celebrating its impact on international educators. Pioneering Schools is a global platform and network for school leaders and innovators enabling exchange and collaboration across countries and continents.

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